The Secret Within

Hi, our names are Haley and Devon. We are each going to give yo five secrets that we think are hidden in the forest. But the thing is there is only one secret hidden in the forest and we are trying to figure it out. But you never know. We might find The Secret Within.

Hi, I am Devon. The first thing I think the secret in  the forest is a secret underground tunnel going into a gold mine. The next thing is a invisible secret smurf village. It is possible right. The third thing is a secret trap that transports you to the permuted triangle. Another thing I think is a spot in the middle of the forest were the dinosaur extinction happened. The last is a secret hideout for Tasmanian devils. Okay lets hear What Haley thinks.

Hi, I’m Haley. I think there are maybe secrets like animals like the Tasmanian Devil or a special type of bird. I also think there could be an underground rail road or tunnel. I think that there might be also be dinosaur bones. Another thing I think is there might be a secret tree house. The last thing I think is there could be a secret village.

Well thanks for visiting our post.

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3 thoughts on “The Secret Within

  1. Eli says:

    Dear Haley,
    I personally think it is a dimond beyblade in the forest. One of my friends did a project on Tasmanian Devils and I learn that when Tasmanian Devils are in their mother they are as big as a grain of rice. Do you like Tasmanian Devils? Do you know what a beyblade is?
    Eli climb high blogger.

  2. Carson- Climb High Blogger says:

    Hello Devon and Hayley,
    We like your idea of the secret within the forest. We are working on a Who Village from the Grinch and the Lorax. We made it out of clay. You could do a clock, a house, a building, or a bridge. Personally I chose a bridge that was rainbowed coloured.
    After we finished we could choose a partner and connect them together. I ended up choosing Livea, Cole, Gavin and Kaiya. Cole and Gavin made houses and I made a fabulous faantasy rainbow bridge with a lake under it. It also has a crocodile in the lake.
    Watch for pictures on our village soon.
    Carson – Climb High Blogger

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