May 17

Ravens in the sky

A raven flying.

Have you ever seen a black bird with a knife like beak or heard them too around school or in Rose Canyon? These birds are very loud. If you have you probably saw a raven. Ravens look like tall, black, and pretty overweight for a bird. Now follow me into an adventure into the sky.

When Ravens get hungry they go hunting for example. bird eggs, rodents, grains, seabirds, worms, insects or dead bodies of other animals berries, fruit, cereal grain, food waste. So now you know what ravens eat its kind of disturbing but its what they eat. They like it so yeah that’s what they eat. Ravens eat anything easy to catch.

Ravens live in many different places like the northern hemisphere is one place. Another is the Mediterranean, forests, and rocky coast. They live in other places like the tundra, grasslands. And strangely the artic.

Ravens look like crows but they are bigger and longer tails. They have knife like beaks. And come in many different size and shapes. They could be blue and shiny or normally really black.When ravens are babies they look chubby and fluffy. When they are grownups the look tall and skinny, and look like they have small legs. They have a wingspan of 46 inches.

Ravens are very smart, sometimes, they even take our lunches! They are very interesting animals. If you want to read more about Ravens try national or common Those are some of the web sites you can try.

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1 thoughts on “Ravens in the sky

  1. Devon

    Wow john, you really outdid yourself on this post!!!!!!!! Why did you pick ravens as your topic, and how did you find out ravens eat all of those (disgusting) things they probably call food?


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