May 17

Red tailed hawks

If you’ve seen a bird flying in the sky over Rose Canyon, it might be a Red Tailed Hawk. Red Tail Hawks are amazing birds that have a red tail and sore super fast through the air! These high flying birds can spot their prey from really high and swoop down at amazing speeds.

A hawk's eye

A hawk’s eye

Red tailed hawks hunt from the air. As they circle and soar, they can spot their prey from 165 feet (or 30 meters) up in the air.  That’s about ten stories high. They can swoop down at speeds up to 120 miles per hours. When they dive they grab the prey from their claws and bring it up to it teeth and eat it. When they fly straight they go about 20 to 40 miles per hour.

Red tailed hawk are about the most common hawk in America. These hawks are sometimes the seen as Red Shoulder Hawks. If it has a red tail it’s a red tailed hawk.

There are many other cool facts about a red tailed hawk. The oldest red tailed hawk is 28 years and  10 month old. Red tailed hawks eat mice and owls.They can eat them in two gulps.The real name of the red tailed hawk is  Buteo jamaicensis. The wing span of a red tailed hawk is 0.6 meters.

The for Reading.If you want to learn more go to these links: and this is another one

Photo Credit: Jack Wolf via Compfight

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2 thoughts on “Red tailed hawks

  1. haleybugr88

    Dear Connor,
    That was great you had a lot of interesting facts! I did not know they could fly that fast!

    From your classmate,

  2. Cole - climb high bloggers

    Dear Connor,
    I had no idea red tailed hawks could spot their prey from 165 feet or 30 metres away! That’s amazing. Is a red tailed hawk your favourite type of bird? My favourite type of bird is a hummingbird. I like hummingbirds because their singing and they eat off my bird feeder.
    Cole- climb High Blogger


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