May 21

Rose Canyon

Rose Canyon

Do you ever feel like escaping the city and getting back to nature? Well you can. We have a lovely open space right on our doorstep called Rose Canyon.  Last week we went to Rose Canyon for a field trip and let me tell you about Rose Canyon.

How big is Rose Canyon? Where is it? Rose Canyon is a seven acres of open space or park. It’s just west of La Jolla and interstate 5. few miles from Pacific Ocean. South of Sorrento Valley north of Bay Park. Rose Canyon  has a creek called “The Rose Canyon Creek”.  The creek is 30 miles.

There is a variety of animals in the Rose Canyon. Some of the animals in Rose Canyon are spiders, bugs, owls, ravens, hawks, birds, snakes, rats, wood rats, bees, and coyotes.

 What plants live in Rose Canyon? There is all different kinds of plants. Some are poison oak, dead trees, black sage, white sage, oaks, oak apple gall, willow trees, and wild cucumber. The animals that are in rose canyon love to eat the plants in Rose Canyon.

Rose Canyon is a family friendly place the animals have adapted to the surroundings. They’re plants, animals, and homes.



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4 thoughts on “Rose Canyon

  1. Tonya S.

    After reading this, it makes me want to take a walk right now. I do enjoy going there to get away from the hustle bustle of the city and be close to nature. I did not know all of those birds lived there. Thanks for all the info!

  2. kylie

    The creek is 30 miles long?! Wow I had no idea! I will be looking for all those animals next time I go, thanks for the great information Nya!

  3. haleybugr88

    Dear Nya,
    I loved your post! You really captured every detail about Rose Canyon.

    Your classmate Haley

  4. Julissa

    Dear nya,
    I really liked your post. I thought that was amazing the creek in Rose Canyon is 30 miles.


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