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Wood rat

Rose Canyon is full of wild animals. Some are large and some are small. One of the small ones is a wood rat.There are 3 different type wood rats in California its desert wood rat, white throated wood rat and dusky footed wood rat.Wood rats are bigger than mice and i would also say cutter then rats.  The wood rat lives in low hot dry deserts or live in dens the dens can be made out of sticks or twigs. Wood rats look a little different from normal rats but they are still rodents.Wood rats can have two different names one of them is Pack rats and the other one is called trade rats. Do you know why they call them pack rats?They call them pack rats because they get stuff and they never get rid of it and the word pack means never get rid of.

Wood rats are small rodents. Each kind of wood rat looks a little different by color and size. The Dusky Wood rats are about 11 to 16 inches long and weigh about 10 to 16 ounces.  That’s about the size of a regular ruler and as heavy as two i Phones. The color of wood rats can be black and grey. Wood rats have large oval ears. They have pink noses and round, black eyes.  They live for about three years.

Wood rats eat twigs, seeds, fruits,acorns,cactus,nuts,berries, and roots but be careful because they are going to try to eat your food.

By Peterson B Moose, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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1 thoughts on “Woodrats

  1. Violet and Kaiya- climb high blogger

    Dear Julissa,
    We have never heard of wood rats but we think they are really cute. It was interesting that they could weigh as much as 2 iPhones. We have bote seen regular rats before. Kaiya thinks they are okay but Violet doesn’t like rats. Do you think wood rats are cute?
    Kaiya and Violet – Climb High Bloggers


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