September 12

Mia’s Bio Poem

miniature food en masse
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: St├ęphanie Kilgast via Compfight


Amazing, intelligent, creative, stylish

Related to mom, dad, brothers, me!!

Who feels she needs sweets.

Who gives hope.

Who fears nothing

Who needs chocolate

Who would like to see Italy

Who dreams of being a pilot.

Resident of San Diego

Student of Curie Elementary


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5 thoughts on “Mia’s Bio Poem

  1. Haley

    Dear Mia,
    I love learning about other people, i thought it was funny when you said who needs chocolate, great post!

    Your classmate,

  2. Laurie Escalante

    I enjoyed reading your bio poem, I thought it was very cute when you said you have a need for chocolate I feel the same way.


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