October 2

Bio Poem


Jumpy, fun, stylish, and awesomely epic.

Related to sisters, mom, and dad.

Who feels awesome.

Who gives Music.

Who fears nothing.

Who needs to be famous.

                             Who wants to see Hoboken, New Jersey.

Who dreams of being famous.

Resident of San Diego.

Student at Curie.


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Posted October 2, 2013 by Devon in category Edublogs Challenge, Student Posts

1 thoughts on “Bio Poem

  1. lff21704

    Dear Devon,
    I loved you bio poem, because I loved how you described yourself for example”awesomely epic”. Did I tell you about Hoboken, New Jersey because my dad works there and how much a amazing place it was and it was on the Hudson River and it was really close to NYC. Again I thought your post was really good. Hopefully you do another one that I can read and in joy as much as I did with your post.


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