October 11

A Curie Student’s Life

cropped-School-2i7jr0f.jpgHello! We are Curie Elementary students in San Diego, California. We are 4th graders and our teacher is Mrs McKelvey. We go to school 5 days a week–Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Our school starts at 7:45am and ends at 2:10 pm so our school goes on for 6 and a half hours, except on Wednesday because it is short day and ends at 12:15 pm.We have six grade levels in our school–from Kindergarten to 5th grade.

Some of the subjects we do in our school day is Math, Word Study, Writing, Shared Reading, Social Studies, Science (we go to the classroom next door for that with Mrs.Monastero), and Book Clubs. Book Clubs is reading in groups we have jobs that we do like Story Summarizer you summarizer the story and there is a lot more.

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23 thoughts on “A Curie Student’s Life

  1. Amber

    Dear Mrs. McKelvey’s Bloggin Frogs,

    Hello! I am Amber and I go to Meridian Elementary. Our School starts at 7:45 and ends at 2:30, but on Wednesdays it goes till 1:15. Our school is the same as your school.

  2. Braedon

    Dear Mrs McKelvey’s Blogging Frogs,
    I think its a really good to get kids to blog about Math, Reading,and other school studys.
    keep up the good work,

    1. Adison

      dear Braedon I think its a really good thing that you think its good for kids to learn about math and reading. By keep up the good work what subject did you mean? From Adison

  3. Lauren

    Dear Mrs.Mckelveys Bloggin Frogs

    I am Lauren in Colorado at Meridian Elementary I think it is cool that you do book clubs.I want to start my own book club.Do you read Wonder?It is a really good book.

    From Lauren

    1. Mackenzie (Post author)

      No we do not read wonder, but we do read books such as Matilda, Cricket in Time Square, Island of the Blue Dolphins, and much more.

  4. Austin

    Dear Mrs. McKevleys Bloggin frogs

    I was reading your blog, it was very interesting . One thing I was wondering was what is your favorite subject? My favorite subject is reading.
    From Austin

  5. Nikkie N

    Dear Mrs.Mckelvey
    i think your blog is awesome can you try doing something that would be fun
    and help are world ? my name is Nikkie .

    love Nikkie

  6. Neha

    My school starts at 7:45 to 2:00.But on Wednesday our school ends at 1:15.
    What subjects do you have at your school?I like your blog!

    1. Mia

      Dear Neha, thanks for visiting our blog! We have regular subjects like Math, Social Studies, Health, and other subjects. Don’t forget to read the other post!

      – Mia, a student in Mrs. Mckelveys Class

  7. lauren

    Dear Curie Elementary,

    Hi I live in Colorado and I was wondering what is word work?
    Hope you can tell me more about word work.


    1. Mackenzie (Post author)

      Word Study is kind of like English, we learn about spelling, grammar, synonyms, and antonyms, and other things too.

  8. Jorden

    Dear Mackenzie ,
    I think it’s really cool that you live in California and I live in Colorado but our school starts at 7:45.I also think that it would be cool to do book clubs!One thing that’s different is our school ends at 2:30.
    From ,Jorden

    1. Felicity K.

      Dear Mrs.Mckelvey,
      I loved your blog it was really cool! It sounds like you learn a lot in school. What is your favorite subject in school? My favorite is math and reading.

      Best Wishes

  9. Devyn.s

    Dear Mckelvey
    I realy like your blog! My favorite subject is writting. I go to Merdian Elementry.
    What is your favorite food. Mine is cheseburgers.

    1. Mrs. McKelvey

      Thanks for reading our blog. My favorite food is chocolate…just kidding. I really enjoy all kinds of fish. I especially like halibut and salmon.

      Mrs. Mckelvey


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