November 13

Better songs for our jog-athon

I Giovani e la MusicaIn our school we have a fundraising program called the jog-Athlon. What we do is we  have  an hour to run/walk laps, while were running they set up a nurse table water station and orange slices at the same time they play music.  It sounds like fun right but to make it  more fun they should play different music. I have 2 older teenage siblings so I know a lot of fun songs and there bands for example ‘Imagines Dragons, It’s Time. Imagines Dragons is my favorite band along with lots of other songs in my top ten favorite.

The songs they have now are way too old. They might as well play the Hokey Pokey every single time I go to the Jog-athlon I get annoyed from how the songs are from 1970s. I’ve heard complaints from others about how they play dumb song that are even too old for the radio. So I hope you understand why the songs they play are weird and old and how it wouldn’t hurt anything to update the songs.

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Posted November 13, 2013 by Pierce in category Student Posts

4 thoughts on “Better songs for our jog-athon

  1. marshmellow2006

    I like the way you put your voice into it. Like you can hear you speaking when you read it! Also you can hear your personality in it. I liked the detail, I agree about having better songs there. 🙂

  2. haleybugr88

    Dear Pierce,
    You did a great job, and i totally agree with you, the songs are too old! Especially the song ” Who Let The Dogs Out”. We do need more new music but at least they played one Imagine Dragons song. I want to say again great job Pierce.

    Your Classmate Haley

  3. Julissa

    Dear Pierce,
    I agree pierce.Schools have old songs from the 1970’s and that’s annoying to have the same song over and over again. Great planning piece by the way.


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