November 13

Stop Ocean Pollution Now

About 14 billion pounds of trash is in the ocean right now. Do you care about that? People throw cigarette butts in the water off the boardwalk and dump sewage of their boat and that’s just really gross. I’m an ocean person I go sailing and surfing and when I see a trash bag or soda can all I think is how selfish whoever did that is. Ocean pollution kills animals, and spoils the beauty of our ocean.

When it rains the rain washes it in the rain gutter then it all goes to the ocean then the ocean current pulls it into the middle of the ocean. In the ocean there are all these floating islands of trash from all the currents in the sea. Out of all of them they weigh up to 14 billion pounds. About 70% of that is from people littering on the street.

Every year more than 100,000 marine animals die because of pollution (that means trash too.) Fish get stuck in fishing nets, lobsters get stuck in coke cans, and bad liquids kill multiple animals. All of this we can use for resources so by polluting the ocean where also wasting things that we can use for resources.

If we stop polluting the ocean we won’t kill animals and it wouldn’t ruin the fun for others.  All of this comes from us and we need to put a stop to it or the ocean will soon be a giant bowl of water full of junk. I know that if we work together that won’t happen. So if you through your trash in trash cans and dispose of boat waist in the right spot you and others would be much more happy.

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