November 14

We need new computers

Our school needs new computers! I’m going to give you some good reasons why. I hope I can convince you that we need new computers here at Curie Elementary School. We need the best computers to be the best students.


Totally frustrated with a netbook!

One reason we need new computers is because our old computers don’t always connect to the internet. Many of our computers turn themselves off while we are using them. Another reason our old computers need to be replaced is because when we try to turn them off, sometimes they don’t turn off all the way, and the batteries run out. Often, they freeze in the middle of a project. Losing work slows me, and other students, down and wastes our work time. These days, we use computers for almost everything: writing, research, word processing, etc. We students deserve to have computers that run smoothly.

Our classrooms would benefit from having new computers. Please consider the examples I have presented. I hope you will agree that we are in desperate need of new computers at Curie Elementary School.


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Posted November 14, 2013 by sidabot9 in category Student Posts

5 thoughts on “We need new computers

  1. haleybugr88

    Dear Ryder,
    You are right, my computer often freezes, and doesn’t let me go on sights I need to go on. Sometimes when I try to go on Glogster it doesn’t load fast at all, it loads as slow as a snail. I really hope we can get new computers too.

    your classmate Haley


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