November 14

We Need To Recycle!

We have to recycle more for our Earth.

Recycling makes Earth beautiful, and there’s other good ways that recycling helps Earth. Do you know what helps Earth a lot? Here are three reasons.

We can save a lot of money. We won’t have to buy new things to make recyclable resources. When factories make new resources, the air gets polluted. But if we recycle, we won’t have as much polluted air. Recycling’s meaning is similar to the meaning of reusing. We can keep reusing things and save money.

If we don’t recycle, we are wasting recyclable resources! If we keep wasting those resources, there will be no recyclable resources and there will be many trashes on land or landfills because we can’t recycle. But if we recycle, we’re not wasting recyclable resources!

Less recycling means a lot of landfills. If there are so many landfills, the earth will get wasted by all of the trash! But if we don’t  recycle, landfills will get bigger and bigger and there will be more trash on the land. We put big boxes in landfills and landfills get bigger, but if we recycle we will make smaller landfills. If we have so many landfills, there will be no place left for anything!

If we recycle we can save many things. We can save money, resources, and Earth. To shorten that, we will live happier lives if we recycle!

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