November 17

Kids should not be able to watch “R” rated movies

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Do you care that kids all around the world watch R rated movies. Well about 100 kids do and about 50 kids learn bad things from them. I have seen people bully, and hurt people.

If you care about your kids don’t let them watch R rated movies.  Kids should not be able to watch R rated movies even with an adult.

R movies are movies about crime, violence, killing, kidnaping…  It is cruel that people let kids watch R movies because of the violence. That is why so many people are bullying and hurting people. That is also why their are so many robberies.

Kids that watch R movies are likely to drink or smoke. When people smoke they get addicted and keep doing it then you get cancer and die. Some people kidnap, commit suicide, or murder. If all the kids in the world watched R movies half of the kids would kidnap, commit suicide, or murder.

The parents should go to jail if they let their kid watch an R movie because they learn bad things. Sometimes adults let kids watch R movies because they’re crazy. Some parents want their kids to watch R movies and be crazy because they are. Their might be less acts of violence because they might not learn bad things.

I have seen a kid on the sidewalk sick because she drank after watching an R movie. So if you see a kid watch an  R Rated movie tell them what will happen and why.


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Posted November 17, 2013 by Mikey in category Edublogs Challenge, Student Posts

9 thoughts on “Kids should not be able to watch “R” rated movies

  1. antonio

    Dear Mrs. McKelvy,
    I think that I watched a r rated movie but not with killing.I really think that you are right because R movies are not for kids. I wonder if any of your kids watched r rated movie.

    From, Antonio from Ms. Seitz class

  2. jaden

    Dear Mrs. McKelvey’s Class,
    I have watched a rated R movie that was not killing,smoking,drinking or other things like robbery, committing suicide or violence. It had some bad words thats why its rated R. I am not sure if I really agree with you. I wonder if I should watch one again.

    Jaden in Ms. Seitz’s Class

  3. ashley

    Dear Mrs Mckelvey class,
    I think r rated is bad in there because what if a little boy was 6 he watched it. it is bad for kids. it have killing and bad words.

    Ashley in Ms. Seitz’s Class

  4. Connor L

    I did not know kids were watching these types of movies. And that they are copying the bad behavior. You’re right and they should not. This should needs to be stopped

  5. alexandra

    I agree with you! If kids watch R movies more other kids will get hurt, or they will start taking drugs like smoke or drink when they’re a kids, and that is really bad for kids, they might die to early.

  6. EmilyK

    I agree. If kids watch R rated movies, kids will act exactly same. They’ll drink bad drinks, smoke, and maybe get disease to those bad things!

  7. Dante

    I agree, Mikey, because all the violence and killing makes it very easy to make horrible mistakes and set bad examples for younger kids to follow. I have never seen an ‘R’ rated movie, but I agree just from seeing the commercials and ads.


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