November 17

Pick up after your dog!

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People should pick up after their dog’s poop.  They are inconsiderate when they just leave it on the ground. People step on it and it gets everywhere.  It gets in your shoes, your house, and even in our storm drains.  It stinks and it’s disgusting! It’s like you didn’t brush your teeth for weeks.

One time I got it on my shoes.  It got into our house and into my room. Our house really got smelly.  It attracts flies. The flies start to bother me when they multiply. Dog poop is stinky.  I have to say it’s gross.

It pollutes our water supply  because it has bacteria.  The bacteria goes down into our storm drain and contaminates our water supply.  The good news is that our water supply gets filtered before we drink it.

People should pick up their dog poop because it would make our environment cleaner and our water safer to drink.  This can help reduce some of our pollution problems. If you want to help live in a healthy environment see more websites that show how you can help the earth.

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Posted November 17, 2013 by Shaun in category Student Posts

2 thoughts on “Pick up after your dog!

  1. Laurie

    Finally someone has spoken, my biggest pet peeve. Like you said it’s gross especially if you step in it. Not only it’s dangerous to other pets it could be contaminated and that will could potentially be passed on to other dogs.

    1. haleybugr88

      You are right Shaun’s post was good, it is always horrible when someone doesn’t pick up after their dog and then you step in the poop. Me and my dad go on walks all the time and I see about 20 pieces of dog poop there and back on the walks and it always annoys me.


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