November 17

Use Reusable Bags Instead!

Blue reusable shopping bag

Blue reusable shopping bag

“Plastic or Paper” says the checkout lady at the checkout line. You say “Plastic” Well, I say we should not use plastic bags. We should use reusable bags instead. Using reusable bags at the store is beneficial to the environment and  for three reasons. First,  reusable bags are better because they don’t hurt the environment. Next, there is more room in the reusable bags. Last, reusable bags never get ruined. Also, have you ever wondered how many plastic bags go to landfills each year in San Diego? Well get this 910,000 tons are found in landfills each year. Now do want use reusable bags. I’m telling you, using reusable bags are beneficial!

Reusable bags are better for the environment because when you use plastic bags they go to landfills they can’t decompose. If they can’t decompose they will stay there forever and they will keep multiplying more and more. When you use plastic bags you are hurting the environment by throwing all the plastic bags away,you are wasting plastic.When you use reusable bags you can use them over and over again and that is helping the environment. Using plastic bags is bad for the world because you can’t recycle plastic bags or use them again you just throw them away, and that is bad! Another reason is that plastic bags are toxic and reusable bags are not.

Reusable bags have more room so you should use them! Here’s why… When you use plastic bags there is not a lot of room so you have to use a lot, and I mean a lot. When you use reusable  bags you have more room so you only have to use 1 or 2. Isn’t that awesome? A plastic bag can only fit about 4 things but reusable bags can fit at least 10 things! Makes a difference right? Anyway, who wants to use those ugly plastic bags when you can get reusable bags in any color and any design.

 Think about it, if you use reusable bags they won’t ruined. They can’t rip or break.  You can also keep reusable bags. When you go to the grocery store and you have too many groceries sometimes the plastic bags rip and brake and all the groceries fall out but reusable bags won’t do that and you can keep using them. So what do you say, will you use reusable bags?

 If one person in the world uses reusable bags instead of plastic, that is making a difference. Using reusable bags will not go to landfills and that helps the environment. If you use reusable bags there will be less landfills and more grass and trees and plants. Most landfills are filled with plastic bags. So what do you say, will you get or buy a reusable and help the world?

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1 thoughts on “Use Reusable Bags Instead!

  1. Laurie

    I agree with your blog more people should use recycled bags. I think if more stores offered an incentive like whole foods and target they give you a few cents off for bringing in you own bags. They’d probably even save money by giving you those incentives rather than having to buy plastic bags. Or an alternative would be to just offer paper instead of plastic for those less inclined to use reusable bags


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