December 2

Broken computers

What’s worse than not having a computer to do your work on? I think a computer that doesn’t work properly.  It’s really frustrating having one that does things like delete stuff, freezes, or won’t connect to the Internet.  We have broken computers in our class and I’d like to have new computers. I think we would all be more efficient with our projects with new computers.

The computers in my class keep shutting down. We can not access our documents  so we can not do our projects.The computers start to go black and freeze. It is really bad when we are doing projects like on Glogster and the computers go to black. We cannot do our projects if they keep going to black. If we cannot get anything done fast we will not have anything to put on the blog or on the wall.

Broken computers waste time and batteries. If the computers were new we would not have to charge them as much. We would get our projects done faster on the computers. If we don’t need to charge them as much the cart will not be as tangled up so we should only use the cart 2 times a day now we are using it like 4 times a day. If the computers are broken they go black they waste time and batteries and  we could get more done if they were not broken.John the tech guy is here for hours a day trying to fix our computers and they still don’t work.

The computers won’t let us go on Active Engage and that is bad. The teacher can’t send us  questions. When the teacher will send us questions half the class will drop. We do math questions on Active Engage and if the computers are broken we can not do math questions.

In conclusion, my classroom would really benefit from having new computers. We can do stuff like write on our computers every day read on the computers to make it easier. And doing projects so they will get done faster


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