December 3

Reuse, reduce, recycle!

Do you care about the environment? Do you care about how many landfills are being made in California? The answer should be yes , and the solution to that problem is recycling! There are many advantages to recycling. You can make money you can save money and it is easy! You can recycle in many ways. If you recycle you are saving the environment and you are saving space in a landfill.

Do not throw away your recyclables! When you do you are filling a landfill. When you throw your recyclables in the trash  they go to a landfill, and when landfills are filled they find a new place to make one. There are many landfills in California that have lots of recyclables. Landfills are made by digging a big hole then putting a layer  of trash then dirt then a layer  of trash than dirt. When it is all filled up they find a new place. But it takes a while to fill up because trash can turn into dirt but recyclables cannot.Recycle Logo From Recycling Bin

Recycling is easy and you can do it in many ways! I know about recycling because my family recycling. We have  4 recycling bins in my backyard one for tin cans, one for big pieces of cardboard , another for boxes, and one for plastic recyclables. Can be a habet? Yes! Every day you probably have or use at least one reusable thing , and if you throw it in  a recycling can instead of a trash can you are making a difference. If you buy reusable cups instead of paper cups you are saving money because reusable cups you only have to buy them once. But if you by paper cups you have to keep buying them.

 You can make money if you recycle. Like I said earlier  in my writing you should buy reusable cups for the following reasons when you buy a bottle of soda the bottle  itself is 5 cents and when you turn it in it is only worth 2 cents so if you buy a reusable cups you would not have to pay the extra 5 cents.When you turn in your recyclables you can get money for them.

In the future there will be smaller and less landfills in the world if people recycle.  People should recycle because it is so easy and you can save money and best of all it is good for the world! Now think about all the ways to recycle … now don’t you want  to recycle?

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