March 9

Help the environment–plant your own garden

Claremont Farmers' Market - November 2006Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Michael Porter via Compfight

You should plant your own garden so you can help the environment. Growing your own fruits and vegetables help our bodies be healthy as well as reduce air, soil, and water pollution.

First of all eating organic fruits and vegetables is good for our bodies. It is full of nutrients and is not contaminated with poison and chemicals. It tastes fresh and good, too!

Second, the left over fruits and vegetables can be recycled to become compost. The compost is used as a fertilizer to grow more fruits and vegetables. This helps reduce soil and water pollution by not using bad chemicals.

Third, the air can be cleaner because fruits and vegetables gives us fresh oxygen to breathe. You also don’t have to use gas to drive to the grocery store since you have you have your own garden.

Having your own garden can give us a cleaner world to live in. It gives us food to eat, recycle to use as fertilizer, and reduce pollution. So, get off your couch, and start planting your garden today!


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