March 9

Why I deserve a dog

Coleguilla - Little fella

There are three reasons why I should have a dog. One is that I am a responsible kid. Two is that I get lonely. Three, I love dogs!

I’m very responsible. My parents say that having a dog is not that easy. I think they are wrong. I know how to take care of them. I took care of my next door neighbors’ two pugs when they were away from vacations for 11 days. I even got 55 dollars after I took care of them. I can put five dollars in the bank. The rest of the money I can buy candy and Lego toys.

I first had to walk them two times a day. I made sure I put a plastic bag in my pocket so that when they pooped I would pick them up with the plastic bag. I don’t like it when other dogs poop on our yard and the dog owner doesn’t pick it up. It is gross to look at it. I stepped on poop one time. My shoes were stinky and I had to spray water under my shoes to clean them. I know that I am supposed to clean up after them because if I don’t those poop will go down the storm drain and it might poison or kill the fish and animals in the ocean. My mom said that bad bacteria are found in the poop and if it gets into your food and your drinking water it will give you stomach pain.

I also played with the dogs inside our neighbor’s house before and after I walked them. That was fun and exciting. I had to walk them every day because the dog owner said that it’s important that they get their exercise ever day so they don’t become lump balls.

I also had to feed them dog food and give them water in their bowl every day. The pugs, Harvey and Tyrone, are always fighting when there is not enough food for both of them. I proved my mom wrong. I lasted the whole 11 days without getting bored. I did not give up my dog sitting responsibility. I did not disappoint my neighbor.

I want to have a dog because I get bored easily at home. Sometimes my dad would play basketball hoops with me but that is not enough. Sometimes my mom would play Pictionary board game with me but that is not enough for me either. Sometimes I would go bike riding with Ben, my best buddy in my neighborhood, but he has to go home for dinner and I would not see him for another week. Ben said he has a lot of homework to do. My sports and other activities are sometimes not enough to keep me busy.

I love dogs! Each time a see a dog walking down the sidewalk I would ask its owner if I could pet it. They usually say yes. I would scratch its head and its belly. Dogs love being scratched on their belly. I must have petted a million dogs since I was a toddler. I think I am a dog magnet. Some owners don’t want me to pet their dogs because they say that their dogs bite. I have never been bitten by dogs. They are all nice to me.

My parents are still not convinced that I can take care of my own dog. I want a dog very badly. I am so sad when I get home without a dog to play with. Most of the kids in our neighborhood has a dog. Why can’t I? It’s not fair. Not. Not. Not. Maybe Santa will surprise me and give me a dog for my Christmas present. Every night I dream to have my own dog to play with everyday. My mom thinks if I have to take care of my own dog every day for a hundred days I would get tired of taking care of it. She also thinks I’ll be too busy doing my homework, playing sports, and other activities. I think she is wrong, wrong, wrong! I think I would watch less T.V. and play more with my dog if I have one.

I deserve having a dog because I am very responsible, get lonely, and the dogs loves me and I love them. Someday I’ll have a real dog. But for now I only have stuffed dog animals. They are as cuddly and warm as the real one. The nice thing about stuff animals is that I don’t have to pick up their poop. I just have to pick them up off the floor when I am done playing with them. That would make my mom happy!

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10 thoughts on “Why I deserve a dog

  1. haleybugr88

    Dear Shaun,
    It is not good you don’t have someone to play with, and you feel left out, but it takes a LOT of work to take care of a dog, I know I have three dogs, two parrots, and one cat! Here are four reasons dogs are hard to take care of, one you have to clean up after your dog, and make sure he or she doesn’t mark in your house, two dog food is expensive, three you have to make sure your dog is active and has enough attention, and four your dog may be hyper and bark a lot, that will you keep you up all night. Trust me ask my mom. But it would be nice to have a dog, but before you get one think of this things.

    From Your Classmate,

    1. sportsfan12

      I have 2 dogs and I love them a lot. so I ALWAYS want them to have good homes and you seem like a person who would take very good care of a dog. So I think you deserve a dog.

  2. Karen

    Dear Shaun,
    I think you deserve a dog. You sound like a very responsible person. You’re going to have to think about the kind of dog you want. Little dogs bark a lot but don’t need a lot of exercise. Big dogs, like a golden retriever or lab, are very energetic and need to be walked or even ran twice a day. If you don’t, they can get a little looney…they might even chew your mom’s designer shoes. Tawnie says that even after she walks her lab-husky, she is still full of energy…in fact last night, she chewed her mom’s shoe! Suzy walks her big dog four miles a day! Wow, that’s a lot of walking.
    So, Shaun, what kind of dog are you going to get.
    Bloggin’ Frogs 2014-15
    p.s. We are practicing our comments 🙂

  3. alex

    Think about what kind of dog you should get like a golden retriever or wiener dog? Big dogs need a lot of exersize while small dogs need less.

  4. Tawnie

    I had to prove to my mom that I could have a dog, after my other one died. We were going to Road Runners when we saw a pet adoption center. My mom said that we could take a look but we couldn’t buy one especially not a puppy and do you know what we did? In the end we bought a puppy, the exact thing my mom said we wouldn’t do. Oh and also a random dog got off the leash and was running around the parking lot, but don’t worry they got it back.

  5. dedeiskool

    You seem like you will be a great pet owner. I have a dog, but she has a lot of back problems so you should have a vet center you go to. Just in case.


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