April 24



Claramae.jpgDear Future Owner,

Yo. My name is Claramae. I am 4 years old, am a Labrador, have dark fur, and I’ve been here trapped in this stupid kennel for 3 years! I want to go outside! Sorry just had to let that out. I am a female. A few things I love to do is go to the park and play with my peeps (aka my other dogs). If you haven’t noticed I am very energetic. I am a big barker and I am very sweet. But if you don’t adopt me there will be some problems.

 Here are some cool things about me…and yes there is a lot but here are just a couple. First of all I am very smart, like totally why wouldn’t I be. I can chase my tail, of course. and here is the amazing part. I can sit , shake, roll over, speak, and catch the treat. I know I am awesome you don’t have to tell me. Did I mention I am really smart?

I would love to have a family that has a ton of attention, on me. Because I am very energetic and I need to play,. I need to have a family with a ton of kids to play with, and a messy family so I can eat their food off the ground.  I also l-o-v-e love to snuggle. If you could find a family just like that for me, that would be great.

Please get me out of this kennel! They don’t have my food. I mean I am on a diet here. Da! So please adopt me. I mean who could say no to this face?

Obviously Your Future dog,


P.S. I am really adorable so adopt me, right now. Get in the car and hit the pedal.

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Posted April 24, 2014 by Mackenzie in category Student Posts

4 thoughts on “Claramae

  1. MysteriousRainbowNinja48

    I LOVE dogs!!
    I got my dog from a kennel just like Claramae.
    They are really sad places.
    When I get older I am going to own ALOT of dogs and get them from the kennel.
    Great Writing!!
    Please come to my classes website: mas5thgrade.org
    Is Claramae a real dog???

  2. Olivia

    Dear Mrs mckelvey,
    I think that she sounds like a great dog and I would love to adopt her, but I already have a dog and she is a little protective over her property.


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