5 thoughts on “Booktalks

  1. A book talk sounds fun. I think it’s a great idea to help for public speaking.

  2. Dear Mrs. Mckelvey
    I think that the book talk video is going to be very helpful during the month and year.
    Love, Olivia

  3. Hi I think I would like my school kids to participate in book talk . Would you like print submissions or videos ? Where should they be posted on this blog space ?

    are there any book talks that you can share with us ?

    I am teaching at a large school in new Delhi India . You can visit our school website www. Bbpsdwarka.org to know more about us .

    this is the first time we are participating in an activity like book talk so we will need all thr help about it ..
    looking forward to hearing from you
    sandhyakakkar@ gmail.com

  4. Dear Olivia,

    Hi Olivia great booktalk! I loved how your voice was filled with joy and happiness and how you made it look like you were in Australia. It was filled with so many interesting facts. I really want to go to the library and check the book out! Did you know the platypus has appeared as the mascot at national events? Loved your booktalk!


  5. I can’t wait until I do my first booktalk. I love public speaking! I got picked to talk at the spring sing. I always love to prepare for a speech. 4th grade is the funnest grade ever besides kindergarten! Our Girl Scout troop is thinking about making a blog…..

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