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Here is my avatar. First, I went to¬†http://avatarmaker.abi-station.com/index_en.shtml and I made my avatar. I made it have dark brown hair like me and dark brown eyes also like me. I play guitar so I made my avatar hold a guitar. I wear glasses that look like the ones my avatar is wearing. I couldn’t really find clothes that look like mine so I chose the best ones I could find. I don’t wear pigtails that often but I used to so I picked those plus it was the only hair style that looked like my hair.

Here it is, my avatar.

And, here’s what my avatar looks like. What avatar site do you recommend?

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3 thoughts on “Dalia’s Avatar

  1. Dear Dalia,
    You have a pretty avatar.It looks a lot like you. I love it. I have made two avatars.
    Sophie B

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