September 28

Miranda’s Avatar

This is my avatar, Miranda. She’s so much like me and my avatar even looks like me. My avatar plays badminton and is girly just like me. She’s wearing my favorite shirt and skirt. She’s really outgoing and likes Harry PoMy Avatar 2tter. We also both love and beĀ  sure to stay in touch and visit our site .



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Posted September 28, 2014 by lemirandan in category Art, Edublogs Challenge, Student Posts

3 thoughts on “Miranda’s Avatar

  1. mia

    I like your avatar Miranda it is awesome because you worked very hard on it makes it special to you and others and that can happen with others avatars for you Miranda.

    Your Friend,
    Mia Gallo

  2. Sophie B

    Dear Miranda,
    I really like your avatar.It looks a lot like you. It is also very pretty. Have you made any other avatar’s?I have made two.I also like Harry Potter a lot.
    Sophie B

  3. lemirandan (Post author)

    No I haven’t made that many avatars I only made too. The first one I made was made by the Harry Potter Chibi site. I think you might want to check that out


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