September 28

My avatar

My avatarThis is my avatar I will explain how my avatar looks like me. First, the hair my hair is blond like my avatar’s hair. Now to my eyes like my avatars my eyes are green. This nose is the most realistic nose I found so I liked. You could say it looks like my nose but to me I just like it. Now my mouth I know its kind of a normal mouth but it looks like me. Now that was my head now to my body.

First the shirt so I have shirts that look like this one but, I normally wear unusual shirts but they didn’t have any unusual shirts so I picked this one. Now to the dog I’m holding I have two dogs neither of them really look like this one but, one has partly brown on it. I also have I think 8 more pets but I really can’t remember all their names… anyway back to my avatar. Now to my legs and feet.

My legs and feet lets start with legs now I like always wear long pants usually never shorts really. Now my legs are not the same story about my shirts because I usually wear black long pants like my avatar. I STRONGLY dislike shorts. Now to my shoes my Avatar’s shoes are green my shoes now are rainbow but my old shoes are green plus the website doesn’t have rainbow shoes. My favorite color is green too :-). That’s me and my avatar and how we are alike.

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Posted September 28, 2014 by ELLIOT in category Art, Edublogs Challenge, Student Posts

6 thoughts on “My avatar

  1. Sophia

    Dear Elliot,
    Awesome avatar! It looks a lot like you. Did you know I’ve always wanted a pet dog or cat? Again, cool avatar!
    Sophia ; ]


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