September 28

San Diego Life


“Marriothotel”. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

I love living in San Diego if you’ve never been here then when you have a chance enjoy it as much as you can. San Diego is very hot and sunny, it barely ever rains. But that’s the problem we are in a drought.

We’re very close to the ocean, and as I said it’s sunny. So going to the beach and going in the ocean is really fun! We have a lot of canyons. So I like to ride my bike in the canyon with my dad.

San Diego has a lot of places to go if you want to swim. San Diego is a main tourist attraction. in summer we have a lot of people because summer is the nicest and hottest season. We have a lot of people living in San Diego there is 1.338 million people that live in San Diego.

I love San Diego and I feel lucky that I get to live in San Diego.

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7 thoughts on “San Diego Life

  1. Miss W.

    G’day Dalia,
    What a great post about your city. I went to San Diego a few years ago when there was a big technology conference there. I agree with it being hot and sunny, but I also liked coming down the mountains into your city.

    I also enjoyed the hop on hop off tour of the city as well as the Zoo. I try to visit a zoo at any big city I go to on my travels.

  2. Rosa

    Hi Dalia San Diego sounds like a nice place . I’ve been to San Diego a couple times . I like the Zoo a lot I go there often. Just to tell you I’m in the 6th grade.You can write to our page at

    1. CoolDalia (Post author)

      Hi Rosa,
      Thank you for commenting on my blog post! San Diego s a very nice place but right now it’s so hot and dry. I just asked are we ever going to have a summer. I wish it would rain soon. My favorite things about San Diego are the nice and sunny beaches they are beautiful. Any ways, I hope you will visit Bloggin’ Frogs. And come to San Diego. We are famous for our zoo too.


  3. Sandhya Kakkar

    Dear Dalia

    I love your post on San Diego .Its really exciting for me . I teach in a school in new Delhi the capital city of India . Many students in my school have never been to the sea. They are clueless about what it means to be living near the sea. I would be grateful if you could write about what all you can do at sea and whether any school lesson activities can be done at sea.

    you can see our school website at

    1. Mrs. McKelvey

      Booktalks are something we are doing in our class. We plan to post the best to School Tube and embed them here on our blog too. You can find examples there. And you can participate by posting there too and on your own blog perhaps.

      Mrs. McKelvey

  4. soccervolleycheer

    Dear Mrs.Mckelvey,
    I also think that there is no such thing as perfect. Everybody has different opinions about how to be perfect so you can only perfect in your own way.


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