My Avatar

This is my avatar.
This is my avatar.

I made this avatar for myself and my class has avatars too as you can see them in other posts. My avatar is holding a book because I like to read. I wear things in my hair a lot so my avatar has a flower in her hair. My 2nd favorite color is pink with my 1st being purple. I like to wear dresses and skirts. Almost every day I go outside I wear sneakers. I have blue eyes and blond hair. I LOVE NECKLACES AND COMPUTERS! I can’t wait to make more avatars!

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15 thoughts on “My Avatar

  1. I really like your avatar you did a awesome job because your avatar looks so much like you and it is just wonderful you probably know you did a awesome job but, it was amazing when I saw it. You are awesome and you know it.

    Your friend,

  2. G’day Sophia,
    What a great looking avatar! From your description it is totally you. My avatar also has something in my hair from one of my trips overseas.

    Are you going to make some avatars of other family members? Is Mrs McKelvey going to create a slideshow of all your avatars?

  3. Hi Miss W.
    Maybe I’ll make avatars of my family. And I’m pretty sure Mrs. McKelvey will make a slideshow of our avatars but I’m not sure. Thanks for asking!

    1. Dear Lucy,
      Thanks for coming to my post! I go to school in SD. I might visit your blog later. Thanks!

  4. Dear Sophia,
    I think your avatar is really pretty just like you.I also made my avatar look like me too.:)
    Sophie B

  5. Sophia,

    I loved your blog post. I am going to share this and the other ones from Mrs. McKelvey’s class with my students tomorrow so watch for more comments.

    We are in La Jolla Elementary and we are hoping to see you all on MBC blogs and share our work.

    Ms. Boyle (3rd grade teacher)

    1. Hi Ms. Boyle,
      Thanks for commenting on my post. This is a big deal for me because this is my first post ever. Don’t worry, more are coming!

  6. I like your avatar but who made it:( It doesn’t say where you made it
    From, Dom

  7. Dear Sophia,
    I think your avatar looks as pretty as you. What website did you make your avatar on? Have fun bloging! 🙂

  8. Dear Sophia,
    Was the website you made your avatar called ? I have made an avatar that looks like that and it was at the website I mentioned.
    Sophie B

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