November 19


Do you know what a drought is? If you don’t, keep reading to find out.

Silk Road #12

This is what soil looks like in an area that is suffering severe drought.

A drought is a long period of time when there is a water shortage and it has barely rained. This is bad because it can cause crop loss which is when it is so hot that crops wilt. When crops wilt we also have food shortage.

What causes drought?

  • Greenhouse gases cause drought.  How? When people use fossil fuels, it lets of greenhouse gases which stay in Earth’s atmosphere and cause heat
  • Global warming and climate change. How? Another cause of drought is global warming and climate change because as years pass it keeps getting hotter and hotter and heat causes water to evaporate
  • Us! How?  You are probably thinking, Us? How did us humans cause drought?  We humans cause drought by wasting water. Sometimes it’s when leave the sink on while we’re brushing are teeth. Sometimes it’s when you flush the toilet when it is not necessary.

But the people who caused it can also help. We can conserve(save) water. Don’t keep the sink on when you’re brushing your teeth. Be extra careful that you don’t flush the toilet by accident.

Remember to take your part and take drought down!
Photo Credit: Jonathan Kos-Read via Compfight

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