November 19

The Planet Mercury

Mercury in Limb-o (NASA, MESSENGER, 09/19/11)
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center via Compfight

Mercury is the smallest planet and is the closet planet to the sun. It takes 88 earth days for Mercury to finish a year. The planet Mercury is named after the Roman god Roman Deity Mercury the messenger of the gods. The surface of Mercury that is facing the sun has a extreme temperature of 472 Celsius but the is not facing the sun is -173 Celsius, but Mercury is not the hottest planet Venus is. Mercury has different seasons unlike some of the other planets such as Earth. Mercury has appearance to look like the moon and has the most craters ever. Mercury has a equator of 4,879 kilometers. Only two spacecraft carriers have visited Mercury on in 1974 to 1975 and the other one in 2004. In conclusion Mercury is a very interesting planet. Want to learn more facts go to

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