January 17

Ban Plastic Bags

Plastic bag
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Did you know 1,440 million plastic bags are used each day? Plastic bags are taking over the world! We should ban plastic bags. Plastic bags harm the environment. Second, they also kill animals, most of which are marine life. Third, It can also harm humans but most people don ’t know it.

Please Recycle

That’s a lot of plastic bags, right?

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One reason we should ban plastic bags is that they harm the environment. Plastic bags go in the soil and release toxic chemicals which are dangerous to those animals that live under the ground. Also, only 1-3% of our plastic bags are recycled, with a lot going into landfills or, worse, our oceans. Another fact is that it takes 1,000 years for plastic bags to break down!


Another reason we should ban plastic bags is that they kills animals. And did you know that 1 billion seabirds and mammals die each year for ingesting plastic bags? That’s a lot! Most animals mistake bags for food like jellyfish. Also, if animals are small enough they can get strangled in them when they’re floating around in the ocean. Something else is that land animals like seagulls eat plastic lying around near the ocean.


My last reason is that plastic bags harm humans too. When they make pollution, it hurts our health especially our lungs, if we breathe it in. People don’t also understand that when you use too many plastic bags, too much carbon dioxide gets in the air we will all die because there’s very low oxygen. We will run out of fish for food because they’d be dead by plastic bags.

Canvas bags are a better choice but only if you clean them because they have bacteria. Less than 5% of US shoppers use canvas bags. We need to change that number by using reusable bags. Let’s ban plastic bags! You’ll save tons of animal’s lives, help the environment, and help humans too.

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