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Energy drink dangers

Imagine this. You are working out at the gym and you get tired and you need something to give you some OOMPH!!! So you get a Rockstar energy drink, but think to yourself, “Is it really worth it?” Energy drinks are choosing victims and you might be one. Energy drinks are bad for your health and they’re not worth it. Many energy drinks have bad acids in them and are super caffeinated and are really high in sugar.


They have bad acids in them,why you may ask? Well because BIG NAME ENERGY DRINKS don’t care about your health! They most always have mixes of horrible ingredients heres a list of some acids that are bad for you, ascorbic acid, citric acid,and pantothenic acid. These are all pretty bad for you. And here’s some of the other ingredients, install vitamins, sodium phosphate,rockstar: cyanocobalamin


Many energy drinks are super high in sugar. They can cause diabetes,make people hyper, sugar is also bad for your blood, and sugar could lead to serious headaches.

Not one energy drink or supplement is good for your health.

Many energy drinks have no nutrition in them and are bad for your health and are really high in sugar.


Sugar, thats a really bad part, in most energy drinks caffeine is the worst part. In redline theres over 250mg of caffeine in it. Caffeine is bad for your heart and can kill you at a young age, one girl died at age 32 from too much caffeine in energy drinks. The companies just said that she died of an overdose and then they forgot about it and didn’t care.


 Don’t drink energy drinks because one day they will put you down and the energy drink companies won’t care about it. I don’t drink energy drinks and you shouldn’t either, always drink a more healthy drink like V8 or water hay even sprite is better. Choose the wise path not the bad path.


           Go to www.caffeineinformer.com for more information.


Thank you caffeineinformer for all the great facts.  

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  1. Dianna mochalkin

    Great start to an important article! Too many people trust these drinks to improve their health, when the ingredients being consumed are more harmful than beneficial. Please make sure to understand what the ingredients are before making a statement that they are harmful. Check your facts! Example: ascorbic acid is commonly accepted as an isolated form of vitamin C; pantothenic acid and cyanocobalamin are both commonly accepted synthetic vitamin B compounds. Many objections to their use are based on the fact that they are synthetic or isolated versions of a vitamin, not necessarily because they are acids.
    Some other artificial ingredients that are contested in Sports drinks are artificial colors, artificial flavors, synthetic sweeteners and High Fructose Corn Syrup. You may want to research these and add them to you article.


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