January 17

Is candy really so sweet?

Trick or treat! (Project 365: 229/365)

Candy is yummy but it’s full of sugar which is bad for you.

Do you know how much sugar you’re eating? Just on Halloween alone 600 million pounds of candy is eaten in the U.S. That’s the equivalent to the weight of 6 titanic ships! Do you care for your health? If yes, then don’t eat too much candy. Candy is bad for your health, has no nutritional value and has lots of calories, and also it is bad for your teeth.

Candy is not good for your health. It has lots of sugar. Sugar is bad for your health. When the amount of sugar in your blood gets too high it can damage your eyes and kidneys and slow down your blood in your feet and fingers. Too much sugar is also linked to diabetes. Diabetes is a disease that starts making a person sick. It could also damage you when you are an adult or at any age.

Scientist named the calories in candy “empty calories.” Empty calories has no nutrients like vitamin D or C it has nothing it has NO vitamins.

Too much sugar is also bad for your teeth. The sugar in the candy can cause cavities. If your adult teeth get cavities it can affect your overall health.

Some people say candy is delicious so we should keep eating it. But be careful not to eat too much. The most important thing is to balance your diet, and brush your teeth if you eat candy. If you want to eat candy then eat dark chocolate it is good for you it has vitamin D and A and more milk.


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