January 17

Paper is it worth it?

Can you imagine a world without trees? If we keep using paper at the rate we do now, we will eventually run out of trees completely. So that is why we should ban paper because it wastes resources. Kids need to use more technology, and not waste resources we need for other things.

 The first reason is that paper wastes lots of resources, such as trees. Without trees, there will be increased air pollution. We breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide while trees store carbon dioxide and give away oxygen, it’s like a friendly relationship. Without trees we might not have enough fresh oxygen that we need to live and we could die! images

Kids should put more learning on using technology than writing on paper. Most  jobs these days use a computer or another type of electronic device. We can use the Kindle app, Raz Kids, Xtra Math, Wordly Wise, Spelling CIty, Multiplication.com, Google Docs, and other programs online. We don’t need to use the paper books.

The last thing is it wastes lots of resources we need for other things like houses, more trees, pure soil, and other stuff. If we waste it all, there will be nothing else that can be made. That would be bad for us and animals.

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