January 17

People should have less soda

  People should drink less soda


By Mia Gallo

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Do you care about your health? If you do,   you should not have soda as much it has a lots of  sugar which is bad for you, soda has a lot of calories, and soda can give tooth decay.


Soda has much sugar and that amount of is unhealthy for your body.  and that is a lot and is too much sugar for one day.Soda has 121/3 teaspoons of sugar. You need about 21/3 teaspoons of sugar every day. Can you stop having soda as much because it is only good to help you read and write. When you have too much soda it can get you very jittery and that from the sugar and caffeine.

Soda has a lot of  calories. Even small cans are 30 calories and also can be 90 calories and big cans are 138 calories! It is wild that the big cans of soda are 138 calories?

Soda can give you tooth decay, it has so much sugar and some people drink too much soda and it can make you all fat and can be very very bad for you. Also like I said it can give you tooth decay.

If you have learned anything, be aware that you don’t drink too much soda and have a great and healthy life. Like I keep saying SODA IS BAD FOR YOU1!!!!!!!!!


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Posted January 17, 2015 by mia in category Health

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1 thoughts on “People should have less soda

  1. Davis

    I do agree with your statement, Mia. Soda is not very healthy for you and you make a valid point here. As for your statement on calories, 30 calories or 138 calories is not a lot. In one day, a adult should be having about 2,000 calories a day. So I would reconsider looking at how many calories there are in a soda. It also depends on which soda, so it would be nice if you could include what soda you’re basing your article out of. It is also true that soda has lots of sugar. Overall this was very a very enlightening article. Thank you 🙂


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