January 17

Stop Pollution


This is part of making pollution

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Did you know that over one million seabirds and 100,000 sea mammals and land animals are killed by pollution every year? Can’t you believe that! We should stop polluting our environment. Pollution harms many animals and people, and kills plants.

Pollution hurts animals in many ways. Pollution can hurt animals by breathing in the polluted air. They can also eat and drink polluted food and water they can get very sick and die if the keep drinking it. Pollution can also hurt people too. How it hurts us is by breathing in the polluted air and get very sick and die the air polluted air can make the lungs bad and that can stop you from breathing correctly. They can also drink polluted water, and not get clean air from the plants.

Pollution can also affect plants and trees.The water can get polluted and if the isn’t clean they could die. The can’t make the air nice and clean if they can’t survive. They can also die and we can’t make paper and we can’t have clean fresh air

We should stop polluting and these are some ways we can help stop pollution: ride your bike more, stop using oil as much, and stop littering. now you now you know how to stop pollution.

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