January 17

Too much time online hurts kids

How much time do you spend outside?  kids need to stop going online and spend a day outside for a change.Well if you do then you should stop going online that much. Most kids spend about 10 hours a day online to play video games! Kids spend too much time online. It is important for kids to spend time with their family and friends, kids need exercise, and kids injure themselves when they lose games.

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Children at school

Kids that are addicted to computer games

Kids need to spend some time with their family and friends. Kids ages 8 – 18 spend about 75 hours and 15 minutes every week going online and that is bad because kids are choosing to play on their computer instead of playing with their family and friends.  Kids need to spend more time with their friends and their family.

Kids also need exercise. British kids spend less than 30 minutes outside a week! In fact 37% out of 1,000 parents have never taken their kids looking for wildlife, which means they have never taken their kids hiking, biking, or camping.


Some kids even  injure themselves whenever they lose video games. According to the China news 1,600 non violent video gaming kids were 2.4 more times likely to have self-injured themselves over the past 3 months. Violent video game players were 5 times as likely. Losing video games can also lead to depression or can also lead to family problems.

So stop going online that much if you want to live a longer, healthier, and happier life. So be more active and try not to be one of the 23% of kids who say they are addicted to video games. It’s not healthy for you sitting in front of a screen half of the day. You will miss fun activities with your family and friends, so don’t get addicted to video games! Video games online sure can be fun, but limit your time when online.

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2 thoughts on “Too much time online hurts kids

  1. Julie

    Nice article! It’s hard to give up time playing Minecraft, but its so much healthier to get outside and play. Why can’t we be addicted to hiking? There are so many beautiful places to explore in San Diego, like the Anza Borego Desert or the mountains in Julian. Maybe we should start a Curie hiking club?

  2. Pieter

    Hello, I’m Pieter and I just want to say that online education benefits kid as much as paper does. The computer actually allows you to do a trillion times as much as a piece of paper does.Plus, when you’re using a computer you’re not killing trees!


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