January 17

We Need More Wells in Africa

Access to clean water is a problem in Africa.

In Africa, 748 million people are living with either no water or disease filled water. What if you had to walk miles to find clean water? The water in Africa is scarce so we need to build wells near villages.

In Africa dirty water can carry diseases so if we build wells there they will have clean water close to them. The disease filled water has a chance of killing you. The dirty water causes diarrhea and this is the second most killer of kids under 5 years of age. You can get E Coli, Salmonella Typhi, Schistosoma, Cholera Vibrios, and Hepatitis A. Dirty water can cause all of those diseases.

Female children usually never get an education. Access to water is very difficult because it can be located miles and miles from the family’s village, most of the time it’s in very deep holes. The holes can be dark. Sometimes women have to bring string and a pot, they will tie the string to the pot, drop it down in the hole and bring up the water. Then they carry the 5 gallons of water on their head and bring it back to their village to keep themselves alive and their family alive. Woman and female children can’t go to school because all day they’re getting water.   Building wells will improve education for girls because they’ll actually be able to go to school.

Building wells in Africa will solve all of these problems and save a lot of peoples lives. We need to build wells but we need your help. There are people and companies that help these causes like the Thirst Project. So you can help by donating or helping this organization.




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Posted January 17, 2015 by CoolDalia in category Student Posts

21 thoughts on “We Need More Wells in Africa


    I agree, we need to build more wells in Africa. People shouldn’t have to walk that far just for water. Your facts are very convincing and I’m glad we have companies like thirst project that help with that. Thanks for the information!

  2. lemirandan

    Good topic Dalia. Your post was well written. I really think we DO need more wells in Africa. It would get more education for women and it would get women more more rights. Actually getting more wells not just in Africa but in other places of the world that need it can make the world an even better place.

  3. john373639

    I really liked dalia’s post because it had a lot of facts and was really inspiring. I also liked how she talked about all the diseases and we can help.

  4. swimgirl955

    Dear Dalia
    I think your post about building more wells in Africa is very logical. I also agree with you that us people in America should help people in Africa and build wells in villages. I think you had a great idea. But i think it is unfair that the women and the female children can’t get educated because their having to carry 5 gallons of water on their heads. I think you did a great job.#swag
    Lauren B.

  5. apknight1116

    loved your post! It was really touching and informational. You are making me want to delete my post and write about your subject!

  6. eduardo360993

    Dalias opinion pieace was pretty good about that the women don get education and they should have more wells so the people wont get diseases.

  7. Sophia

    Dear Dalia,
    This is a great post. It has made me think about putting more wells in Africa. I have two questions: Does this occur only in Africa? and Why do only girls have to get the water?

    Thanks, Sophia

  8. Yohay

    I never knew that many people have to get water themselves. It had very good paragraph format and very deep surprising and attracting facts such as girls have to carry five gallons! I can’t even lift one! And the fact about, again, 748 million people are living with those diseases and drinking that disgusting dirt filled water! I believe you did a very good job on this topic.

  9. Arianna

    I never knew that in Africa there was not enough wells maybe you can convince the teacher to collect money to build more wells in Africa and after have a pool party.

  10. kkeeii1109

    I really like it because you research the facts about your writing. Also I agree with you because you said “The water causes diarrhea and it is the second killer in the world that kill age 5 or under.”

  11. Olivia

    Dear CoolDalia, this is a great piece. I never knew that women where walking miles just to find some water and to think that we just go to the store buy a pack of water and drive home then you just drink, but the women in Africa have to get water the hard way. I hope that the children in Africa can get a good education. After all the people read this post I think that we could make a fund raiser and raise money for wells.

  12. Sophie

    Dear Dalia,
    That post was very convincing. I did not know that women carry 5 gallons of water a day on their and AND they have to walk miles to carry it.
    Also I didn’t know that dirty water could cause that many diseases. I cant believe that diarrhea could be fatal. That post really made me think twice about the women in Africa.
    I didn’t know that during time that girls in Africa would be in school they would spend that time carrying water.

  13. blueskyhelenaj

    I feel bad for the woman that have to walk miles to find clean water and I think they hate having to walk and they shouldn’t have to do that.

  14. Tawnie

    I agree, it’s no fair to send little girls walking about 5 miles each day to get fresh water. There should be a well so they can spend their time learning and getting a good education. I feel bad for them because they start off life working and walking, sometimes walking to far you can get sick and catch a desiese, you might have said that in your blog but it was so good I forgot some parts.

  15. Max

    I think that was a nice good well thought out persuasive piece.Get it!WELL thought out.Just please don`t stop in the middle because it makes me really excited to hear the rest.

  16. soccersuzy2006

    CoolDalia, I would love woman education every where in the world. There should be clean water every where in the world. Usually we go to the store and buy water take it home. Your right this way is way more challenging. They should be able to get water the easy way like we do. This was a very interesting opinion piece I loved it!!!

  17. Josh

    I agree with you CoolDalia because, if the women accidentally brought back disease filled water, then the whole family would get sick, and next thing you know the whole village gets sick. I also never knew that women rarely got education in Africa. Thanks for writing this post.

  18. Ava

    Wow Dalia! you wrote a very interesting article. My church does a fundraiser for that. It is very intense that women have to walk that long!!!!


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