January 22

All animal shelters should have a no kill policy!

Somewhere, sometime today an animal is or will be suffering in a shelter. You can help, you can make a difference. All animal hospitals should have a no kill policy because it hurts animals,breaks human hearts and human and pet friendships.

What if your pets still have a chance.

What if you had a ten year old cat that had a bad disease and you just didn’t know it. You took it to the animal shelter to put it down to die. If that animal shelter had a no kill policy then the people working there would have cured the disease and you could bring your beloved pet home safe and sound.

 100 cats and dogs die from shelters each 1000 people that die regularly. Someone dies every 15 seconds. That means 1 animal dies every 150 seconds.  If those shelters had a no kill policy that would change the fact that 100 cats and dogs are being killed from shelters. The shelters could find a disease or a new type of illness and make a pill. That pill could save another animals life along with the other animals diagnosed with that disease. You could make more memories with your pet for a couple more years.

Your pet needs you to survive and not only that but you are like your pets best friend.

Probably more than that. You are like your pets mom or dad. Your pet wants to have a tight bond with you. You should take care of your pet like your parents took or take care of you. Your pet needs a person to take care of them and a good friend. I think pet hospitals are a better place to put struggling animals down.

 All animal shelters should have a no kill policy. We need to give animals back the world they lost, their hope and their faith for a better life. They need a world where they don’t have to worry about being killed by shelters.You

can travel the extra few miles to the pet hospital to save an animals life so make your nearest pet shelter have a no kill policy.


look at this sad animal and what shelters are doing to him. Are you really going to let
this happen to animals across the world?!!

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5 thoughts on “All animal shelters should have a no kill policy!

  1. Elizabeth

    I strongly agree with you! All animal shelters should have a no kill policy. Animals don’t deserve to die just because they haven’t been adopted in a certain time frame. Animals deserve to be treated respectfully. Of course, most animals that are older, injured in some way, or are even a certain breed are more likely to not get adopted. Animal shelters need to give each animal a good chance at getting adopted. By having a no kill policy, many animals wouldn’t die just because the right person hasn’t found them yet. There is a home for every animals out there; sometimes, it is just difficult to find, but not impossible. This is a very good topic to write about and express different opinions on. Great job on your blog! 🙂

  2. Mia

    I love your article, Ava! I enjoyed your use of real facts to prove your point. Sometimes, the reason shelters kill animals is because it’s too expensive to care for all the animals without homes. Mostly older animals are put to sleep because they don’t get adopted, which is sad. That’s why a lot of shelters promote the adoption of older dogs and cats. I think you wrote a really nice piece and I know a ton of people will agree with you. The no kill policy would save a lot of lives and maybe promote more adoption for animals.

  3. Aparna

    I agree that shelters should have a no kill policy but I feel that there should only be one exception: if the pet is unsafe for human contact, like if the animal gets rabies (extreme i know that why its an exception). Other than that, if the pets are safe and relatively healthy they should be given as longs as they need to get a second chance at finding a good home. Giving an animal a limited time frame to find a good home doesn’t seem fair at all. If people were to spread the word and adopt more animals from a shelter rather than go out and buy them then more animals would survive in shelters. I also understand that sometimes its too expensive to care for so many animals but i think a better solution is to find groups of volunteers and set up large adoption events or find better t=solutions than just killing the animals.


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