January 22

Candy is Bad

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Kitkat’s moto is break time any time well no because candy is bad for you. Candy is bad for you and people should limit how much they eat.It affects your overall health and is not nutritious and may lead to diabietes. Candy is bad for teeth and gives you cavities. Candy gives you plaque and tooth decay yuck! Candy will also give you cavities then see you at the dentist.

Scientists named the calories in candy “empty calories.” That means they’re calories that come from foods without vitamins and minerals. So you need to eat things besides candy, but a lot of people also live to very old ages even if they do some things that aren’t very healthy.

Sometimes the reason a person can’t eat candy is because they have diabetes.Diabetes is when the amount of sugar in your blood gets too high.It can damage your eyes and your kidneys and slow down the blood circulation in your feet and fingers.

Do you know how much money every year is 7.4 BILLION DOLLARS!!!!25%of kids eat ALL their candy in one day

Rich, dark chocolate is packed with powerful heart-healthy antioxidant flavonoids. A study reported in the British Medical Journal found that regularly eating chocolate decreases the risk of heart attack and stroke by 39 percent.COOL! Another study found that those who ate a chocolate bar weekly reduce their chances of dying from a stroke by 46 percent.That’s why candy is good for you.     Copyright by:http://yakfaceforums.com/main/2014/06/25/star-wars-collection-from-jelly-belly/

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3 thoughts on “Candy is Bad

  1. Syd

    I love candy! I agree with you because too much candy is bad for you. My grandpa was in the hospital because he ate too much candy.☹


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