January 22

People should get more sleep

Did you know that sleep is very important? People should have more sleep. People will feel tired in the  and need hours more of sleep in the morning. People will be asleep at school or work if they woke up at about 6:00 like my sisters.

Children need lots of sleep because their brains are developing. By the age of 2, most children have spent more time asleep than awake and overall, a child will spend 40 percent of their childhood asleep. sleep is the primary activity of the brain during early development. If children   don’t get enough sleep their brains don’t develop properly and they won’t be as smart.

People are more productive when they get enough sleep. Your brain won’t work as well as it usually does if you didn’t get enough sleep.  People will be too tired to listen to what people are saying if they get less sleep.  More sleep is good and will keep you focused for the day. If everyone had more sleep, you won’t fall asleep during school or work!!

The person bragging that they only slept 4  hours and still do great work, well, they are actually right with what they are saying.The only thing is they have no brain power to make them focused once they lose attention.

You should try to get at least 10 hr or 9 hr of sleep a night for a good sleep. And try doing something that will put you to sleep. So get more sleep so you will be awake during the day.

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1 thoughts on “People should get more sleep

  1. Jenny

    I completely agree that everyone needs much more sleep. I definitely do not get enough sleep and do not do as well in school as I probably would if I got enough sleep. You are especially right in saying that children need much more sleep and that their brains develop in their sleep. Did you know you also grow more in your sleep than any other time in your life? Sleep is very important and wonderful. If you can’t sleep, you can take melatonin and in twenty minutes you will be super tired and fall right asleep! I’m glad you chose this to write about! 🙂


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