January 22

Save The Bay

We should stop storm water runoffs from getting into our bays because it is killing the plants and animals who live, drink, and grow in the water. They are dieing because storm water runoffs pick up bacteria, chemicals, debris, and dirt and this gets into our bays. This can also spread diseases when humans swim in the water. The water also can get polluted by pets going to the bathroom and owners not picking it up.

Preventing Stormwater Runoffs

Hard surfaces like driveways, sidewalks, and streets prevent stormwater runoffs from soaking into the ground. When the water soaks into the ground it can get to roots of plants and start killing them. Then our fruit trees and the trees that give us people oxygen will die. Also the plants that we get our food from would die and that lowers our food source. Along with that our food would be polluted and we can get sick and die. We will also eat food that is filled with bacteria and nasty diseases.

Trash That Gets Into Our Bays

When stormwater runoffs picks up plastic bags and trash it gets into our bays. Some animals think plastic bags are food and they will eat the plastic bag and the bag might have bacteria that was on food and spread into the bag. And that bacteria will now spread into the animal and it will die.Also, when animals swallow plastic bags and cigarette butts, they can choke and kill the aquatic life in our bays. When the bacteria in stormwater runoffs spread into algae, the algae dies and sinks to the bottom. And algae decomposes in processes that removes oxygen from the water.


This is why we need to stop and take the time to pick up a piece of trash and pick up your pets litter because picking up one piece of trash could save one animal. So help clean your community and help save aquatic.

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