January 22

School Uniforms Should be Banned

Did you know that the average a family spends on school uniforms each year is $249?That’s one reason why school uniforms should be banned. School uniforms are expensive, they don’t let kids express themselves with their clothing, and uniforms are completely useless for education.

School uniforms cost a lot of money. Parents have to pay the essential bills, and the expensive school uniforms are a waste of money that could be used for things that you actually need like food and regular inexpensive clothing. Banning school uniforms would save parents money that could be used for necessary things.

School uniforms prevent kids from expressing themselves throughout their clothing.Kids can really show and express who they are when they choose how to dress. When kids express themselves, they are being who they are.School uniforms prevent most kids from being themselves.

School uniforms are useless. Schools should focus more on how there students are doing not how they are dressed. If it doesn’t improve their grades then why have them? School uniforms might distract the students because they are to itchy or uncomfortable so they might not get their work done.

School uniforms save time because kids don’t have to waste a few minutes or more to decide what to wear for the day. Then kids might complain about having to wear the uniforms instead of their regular clothing. Kids might waste time complaining and get to school late because they wasted time complaining. School uniforms are expensive, prevent children from expressing themselves throughout their clothing, and are completely useless for educational purposes.Therefore school uniforms should be banned.

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Posted January 22, 2015 by Sophie in category Student Posts

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7 thoughts on “School Uniforms Should be Banned

  1. Chelsie

    I agree with a few of these points, however, I don’t believe school uniforms should be banned entirely, only made to be more comfortable and more affordable. When schools make the students wear a uniform, it is for the best intentions of the child. Children often get bullied based on how they look and the clothes they are wearing, and in order to prevent some of the verbal abuse, the schools require a uniform so everyone looks the same. I think that schools should have a more comfortable uniform, like sweatpants or comfortable t-shirts, and they should be cheaper so it does not waste a lot of money for less financially stable families. However, there should be a few “free dress” days so children still have the opportunity to wear what they want and express themselves.

  2. Sophie (Post author)

    Dear Chelsie,
    I had taken thought about your comment and I think that you have a great idea that school uniforms shouldn’t be completely banned and become more comfortable. Thank you for replying to my post.

  3. lemirandan

    I don’t like school uniforms. I like being unique and get to choose my clothes. I like saving money for better reasons. I agree with you. I like being comfortable too. Great post!

  4. Kai

    I agree with this that school uniforms should be banned bc they aren’t for educational purposes and my clothes are a better style


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