January 22

stop cutting down trees

The Carpathians
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Irene Mei via Compfight
As many as 60,000  trees are cut down each year that’s a waste of natural resources .Trees also can help us breathe.  Trees are also helpful if there are flash floods.

If we the trees get cut down the animals won’t be able to breath neither will we because the tree provide oxygen for us .If we can’t breathe or the animals, are also helpful for the environment like eating crops and don’t use natural resources.

Trees are also used for natural resources and if we cut down to many we won’t have any natural resources left. We wont have paper pencils and even fruits come from some of the trees in the forest.

Did you know 60,000 trees are cut down each year and if all those trees are cut down the animals won’t  have a habitat  and will have to survive without a home in the wild .

We should stop cutting down trees because we could use other trees like bamboo, hemp, kenaf,and sugarcane are also good to use for natural recourses


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2 thoughts on “stop cutting down trees

  1. Elizabeth

    Trees are a very important resource! I agree that people should not cut down so many. It is a good thing that people can replace a lot of paper now by using technology instead. By having assignments done online, trees are spared. Without any trees in the world, people nor animals could survive. One way to cut down trees in a sustainable way is to plant maybe three trees for every one tree that is cut down. That would help a lot. You wrote about a very good topic and one that has been a very important issue for years. Great job! 🙂


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