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Winstie Boy! Sleeping on his back...or expecting a tummy rub
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Will Marlow via Compfight

Hi, this post is about dogs. Dogs can go almost anywhere as long as they’re owners are with them. Dogs are super smellers. They can smell better than humans and yes, cats. Sometimes they’re hired to sniff out drugs. No lie! Dogs can’t hear as much as cats but they can hear more than people. Did you know the first dogs were wild wolfs?

Early dogs were wild wolves. Wolves came near villages and ate stuff from the trash and became tamer. Eventually, they became the first dogs. But some wolves didn’t become dogs. Which is why there is still wolves today and they aren’t something from long ago.

Have you ever seen a dog at the airport? Or a police dog? They’re on the sniff for drugs. Dogs are really good at smelling so they’re hired to sniff out drugs. Sometimes at airports, there’s a dog who is going to sniff your suitcase looking for drugs. I’m pretty sure they don’t want anybody to get drugs in a different country.

Dogs can go anywhere as long as a owner or a trusted person is with them. Dogs like company and whine when there’s no one around. Sometimes when a person feeds them they love that person and will follow them around. Dogs need love, too!

Dogs are a really good pet to have. If your parents let you have a dog, I suggest getting a shelter dog. Just make sure to never leave your dog alone. DOGS ARE CUTE!

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14 thoughts on “Dogs

  1. Jenny

    I love that you wrote about this! I love dogs as well and it’s very true that you should adopt shelter dogs. Can’t dogs also be guides for blind people? Dogs can be great companions for humans and can actually help when people go through tough times. I’m pretty sure that wolves were domesticated by humans, and did not, in fact, domesticate themselves by eating trash. What is the percentage of people who have dogs? Did you know that dogs can’t have chocolate or alcohol? Dogs will also eat way too much if you do not monitor their food consumption. πŸ™‚

    1. Sophia (Post author)

      Thank you! I didn’t know that alcohol was bad for them but i think it makes sense. I knew that dogs could be guides for blind people but i did not include it in the post.

  2. Arya

    Hi Sophia,
    I really enjoyed this blog post. Dogs are among my most favorite of animals. Did you know that dogs like bones because they’re good chew toys? I love petting dogs. They are very soft, almost a s soft as a blanket. But, I think it’s important that nobody uses dog’s fur in blankets. That is inhumane and excessively cruel. I actually did know that dogs sniff for drugs! Isn’t it awesome that people have found such good uses for them! In the American military dogs are trained to sniff out bombs so as to protect our soldiers. What amazing creatures!

  3. Madi

    Hi Sophia! I really enjoyed your beautifully written post about dogs. They are so multi-talented and some of the best friends a girl can have! πŸ™‚ My dog is so awesome and I love to take her on walks around the neighbourhood. We got her from an adoption agency because she was abused in her previous home – she has no tail! I think spreading awareness about abused animals is awesome and we should try to protect all the dogs in the world. Dogs can be really smart and help in so many situations – like sniffing for bombs or drugs. They also give great hugs and good cuddles.

  4. kkeeii1109

    Hi, I think the dogs are cute because if you buy a cat you can be scratch and hurt your self also if buy a hamster it will soon in a cold place and you will be sad.

  5. imogenadele

    Hi Sophia!
    I really like your blog and I didn’t know that a dog can sniff out drugs! I also liked that you talked about that dogs in the early life they where wolves. Did you know that a scientific name for a wolf is Canis Lupus? Well again you did a really good job.
    Your classmate,


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