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Should Monday be a weekend

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Do you think Monday should be a weekend? Many kids and adults think so because kids could have more time to play or even do there homework and sleep more. Some kids that are too busy on the weekends going to karate, class or music class, etc, and they don’t have time for doing any fun or learning but it could be fixed by making Monday a weekend. So if you think Mondays should be a weekend then hit that comment below Thank you for reading.

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Posted February 19, 2015 by danial435233 in category Student Posts

16 thoughts on “Should Monday be a weekend

  1. Davis

    I agree. Monday would be a perfect day for having an extra weekend. It would give parents and children more time to relax. Kids would have more fun and play outside more, and parents could do things not related to work. Sadly, there would be a downside to this. School would have to go on longer throughout the year because one day of school is taken off every week. So instead of having August to June, it would be August to July, leaving only a small time for a summer break. So it is a hard choice on whether having a three day weekend every week is better than a long summer break.

  2. Tawnie

    I would love to have Monday as a weekend, it would give me more time to do my homework and to have fun because I have a busy weekend. Everyone is always sleepy on Mondays though so it would give them time to get extra sleep. But if we make Monday a weekend then the school days would be longer and I like the time that school ends. Plus parents would have to go to work but they can’t cause you’re there. So having Monday as a weekend would be fun but it has some problems.

  3. Soccersuzy2006

    I like your idea of making the world awesome. It start with one person then goes on and on until everyone in awesome. Yes people do fight a lot but that is just nature. But the good thing about it is you can change it. I want the world to be as happy as you or maybe even more. Thanks for posting that video it really helped me get forward in life! 🙂 -Suzy

    1. soccersuzy2006

      I think Mondays should be a weekend instead of a weekday. It would give kids more time to do things like spending more time with there family or sleeping in. But I also think that it is a bad idea because kids might use this time to play video games and not be focused on school. Monday is a time for learning. Maybe we can just have school start a little later to have more time to sleep but not to early so kids can complete a level of some video game.

  4. Mahlet

    I definitely agree that Monday should be a weekend. Not only because it would give us more time do what ever we want, but I truly believe it would make the world/school a happier environment. Everyone always dreads Mondays and it puts a negative attitude towards the whole week. All those times we have three day weekends and start on Tuesday the week automatically gets better and most of us are in a better mood. Overall I agree with your statement.

  5. Sophie

    Dear Danial,
    I totally agree that Monday should be a weekend. I often don’t get much sleep, and am often half awake at school. Also it would give students more time to work on projects and parents more time to relax. Also on the day after the weekend, students would have more energy to listen and learn in class. I think that having Monday as a weekend would be a great idea

  6. Ian

    I agree i think Monday should be a weekend but like everyone said there would be a downside and a upside. The downside is that there would be a shorter summer brake and it would make the school days longer. The upside is that it does give kids more time to relax do homework etc and also like mahlet said it would start the week off with a better start and would change the mood of everybody because i always hate Mondays to so i think Monday should be a weekend. -Ian

  7. lemirandan

    There are pros and cons for everything. We HATE Mondays but then we would hate Tuesday which some people kind of like because they know Monday is over when Tuesday comes. Besides that in my opinion Tuesday is a bit ignored compared to ” Monday” and TGIF and casual Friday. The school days would be longer and that’s a con. Personally I like my school days short but everything has pros and cons so if Mondays are a weekend then I guess I would have to sacrifice that.

  8. Natalie

    I would like Monday’s to be a weekend, however I must admit it should stay a week day, especially for school. There simply is not enough time in the week as it is to get all the curriculum taught. I agree kids need more time to play and relax and just be kids. Boredom is also something children suffer from and I wonder if a three day weekend all the time would contribute to this? I feel the weekend should be free of homework to allow children just to be children. If given a choice to a longer school day to have the three day weekend I wonder what people would want overall, especially kids?

    1. Mr. Keck

      Hello, I’m a fourth grade teacher in Henderson, NV and my class will be blogging very soon. In regards to the question, I honestly have never thought of this before. I think things are fine the way they are. If we were off on Mondays, Labor Day weekend, Memorial Day weekend, and others where the holiday falls on a Monday would not feel special anymore. Personally, I love three day weekends, but not to the point where it would shorten our summer. I’m happy to contribute to this conversation.

  9. Sydnie

    I agree with you because alot of kids do get stressed out because they didn’t finish their homework on time because of family events or different classes.

    1. PinkPuffs

      That has happened to me once. I got stressed because I have very strict teachers. They get really mad if you don’t turn in HW on time.

  10. bradrad

    I think Monday should be a weekend because you should get more time off, including parents. Some parents don’t even get summer off. Also most parents don’t even get holidays off. I also think kids should get Monday off so they could rest their brains. But then again some people go play video games,ipad and TV. That’s the bad thing about kids having a extra day for the weekend. What is your opinion should get a extra day off or not


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