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Minecraft is a great game.

Do you know what Minecraft is? If you don’t know  it is a video game that many people around the world play. The main developer of Minecraft is Notch (Markus Persson) who in 2012, handed the job over to Jeb (Jens Bergensten).

Minecraft was first released in 2009. In 2010, Minecraft moved to the Alpha stage. In 2011, Minecraft won many game awards. In 2013 Minecraft got “the Horse Update” that ads horses and lots of other  really cool things. In 2014 Minecraft gets The Bountiful Update. It includes many new  items and lots of new mobs like endermites, guardians, and rabbits.

Minecraft is a game were all the items are shaped like cubes. There is no rule of physics, because all the blocks besides gravel and sand can float in midair without any support.

There are two main modes in Minecraft. There is Survival mode and Creative mode. They are both really fun but they are both really different.

Creative Mode

In creative mode you don’t have to worry at all about survival. Mobs (monsters) don’t attack you, you can fly(it’s really awesome), and you have every single block that’s possible to build with. In Creative mode you have an unlimited source of blocks.

Survival Mode

In Survival mode you have to survive(of course) monsters, big drops, lava, and drowning. You have to gather resources to Survive and build a house. You have to craft all of your tools and items using a crafting table and smelt ore in a furnace. But that doesn’t stop you from building cool things in survival, but you have to gather all the resources but it’s still lots of fun.


With Multiplayer you can play with your friends. You can build amazing structures by working together in creative or you can survive together in Survival and battle of monsters. Either way Multiplayer is really fun.


Redstone kind of like electricity, but you have to mine it, deep down in the ground. With redstone you can make fancy lighting, computers, and many more! With redstone, it’s like programming, but inside the game!

In conclusion, Minecraft is a really cool, complex game. Here is the link to the official Minecraft website.

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Posted March 23, 2015 by Sophie in category Student Posts

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Hi I am in fourth grade and I love dolphins.

8 thoughts on “MINECRAFT

    1. Sophie (Post author)

      The purpose of Minecraft is to kill monsters and survive. You want to get the best tools and build a shelter. You can go to other dimensions and fight new monsters.

  1. Sophia

    I own Minecraft but I still think this is a good post. I like the horses and bunnies in Minecraft. By the way did you know there is Hardcore where you only have one life and Adventure Mode? Also there is Xbox Minecraft and Pocket Edtion? Still very good post 🙂

    1. Sophie (Post author)

      I did not know about Adventure mode in Minecraft but I do know about Xbox and pocket Edition. Thanks for commenting!

  2. unicorn

    I love mincraft! It is so much fun. It is the best game ever and I am so glad you posted to the blog.

    Sophia P.

  3. Maya

    Dear Sophie,
    I love minecraft and what I sometimes I get atleast 5 stacks of wood by then I make a hut then wait til day time and dig steps with my pickaxe then I dig tunnels at diamond level then I have iron by then grab the diamonds and go.
    From, Maya

  4. bradrad

    I have to be honest with you guys but I don’t really like Minecraft😒. I only like one thing, it is a mod pack and it is called Pixelmon. It is a Minecraft version of pokemon.



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