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It’s time to start commenting on other class blogs around the world. Check out Edublogs Week 2’s challenge, Let’s Comment posted by Miss W. It’s all about making quality comments. We’ve talked about this in class and so it’s a good time to review what a great comment looks like. Watch the video on our class blog or visit the sites Miss W recommends. Leave a comment here about what you learn from these new videos or resources. What makes a great comment?

When you start to leave comments, make sure you  include the URL of our class blog at the bottom of your comment  mrsmckelvey.edublogs.org.

And, don’t forget to finish your Avatar posts this week.

Have fun connecting with other classes! Which class blog is your favorite. Be sure to leave a comment here about that too.

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6 thoughts on “Let’s comment

  1. G’day Mrs McKelvey and her frogs,

    We confused you. The commenting post was written by Mrs Waters this week because Miss Wyatt was working on a special event post that also needed to be published this week.

    Thanks for taking part again in the challenge.

  2. Hi Mrs.Mckelvey,
    I think that a perfect blog post is basically a blog post that is like a letter to someone.
    From, Sophia D.

  3. I really liked the socktober video from kid president it had lots of details about socktober and what we were supposed to do.

  4. Dear Mrs.Mckelvey,
    Hello. This is Maya. I am commenting to the post:Let’s Comment! Very recently our class checked our classmate’s comments. Some did not have grammar, punctuation,word spelling, some were not relevant and worst of all some were not nice. Quite a few did not make it on the blog. If your comment does not have the things I listed below your comment might not make it on the blog. The first thing you should do is of course is try to make a connection to the blog so you can understand better and if you understand better then you can make a better comment. After you have written it all down look for spelling mistakes. People might not know what you said. If it was spelt wrong. Use proper grammer. People might not understand it. Use proper punctuation. People do not want to see run on sentences. Try to make conversation like: Hey I loved your blog about violas. I play the clairinet. Can you make a blog about clairinets? That is how you can make conversation. Most importantly always be nice do not say:Your comment was sooo boring!!
    That is rude. I hope you enjoyed my commment.

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