Celebrating Creatively

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Week 4’s challenge is Celebrating Creatively. How do you celebrate holidays, like Halloween and Thanksgiving? Click on over and read Miss W.’s post and then do either activity 2 (a poem) or activity 3 (how you celebrate Halloween). I know that Halloween is a huge holiday in the United States but in many countries it’s not really celebrated or it may be celebrated in a very different way. You can also write a comment here and tell us how you celebrate Halloween or Thanksgiving.

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One thought on “Celebrating Creatively

  1. Dear Mrs. McKelvey,
    Hi! My name is Sage. I am a second grader in Mrs. Amri’s class in West Linn, OR. On Halloween we go trick-or-treating. This year, I’m going to be Lela from Teen Beach Movie. We save our candy and snack on them for the rest of the year. My Dad also sneaks some to work!
    Happy Halloween!

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