October 26

My Avatar

I have one question for you all. So do you act different out of the internet? I know I do. I act wild with my friends at recess. Herealisticme2re I am very calm and even a little boring. In the real world I’ll run and scream if a exciting TV show is on. I also like softball. What do you like? I like to watch TV. But if you really want to express yourself make a profile picture so people  have a idea what your personality is. In my class we made  a avatar.It was very fun for instance I have brown eyes so my avatar has brown eyes make a avatar that is you!

This is my avatar.


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Posted October 26, 2015 by Maya in category Edublogs Challenge, Student Posts

5 thoughts on “My Avatar

  1. lana

    I like your blog post because everything you wrote is true because I know you very well. It was very interesting! I will make a profile photo. You inspired me so much!

  2. reynam17

    Hi, Maya ! It’s me Reyna and I gotta say you did a great job on describing your internet self and your outside self . And I like your avatar 🙂

  3. Eliza

    I love your avatar Maya. It think it represents you very well. I also like that you described your internet self. What website did you use? I have not done my avatar yet. Over all it think you did a great job on your avatar.

  4. keeley

    Maya I know i said it look like you on the out side but it really don’t look like you on the out side. But it should who you really are. From, Your friend Keeley never stop smiling 😏.


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