Kid President, Peanuts: Life is a Comic Strip

We just love Kid President’s latest video. He says, “Life is like a comic strip. Some people do the same boring thing everyday, but some people fill their black and white boxes with awesomeness! How do you add life to the empty sheet of paper?” Let’s start a conversation as we honor “Yesvember”…maybe some of the Edublogs challenge classes will join in.

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4 thoughts on “Kid President, Peanuts: Life is a Comic Strip

  1. I love how you guys are relating an everyday thing with something everyone knows and loves. I too, enjoy Kid President giving his motivational messages in a fun way old and young people can enjoy. Keep up the good work!

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  2. We really enjoyed watching the Kid President video about adding awesomeness to our blank comic strips. Thanks for inspiring us with this positive message.

    Here are some of the ways we are honoring YESvember in our classroom:
    We use our creativity to make the world more beautiful.
    We celebrate with lots of school spirit!
    We spread kindness and include everyone so that every day is a happy day.
    We live every day like it’s the last one!
    We celebrate each other, like when someone scores a goal, or gets a touchdown.
    We do something every day that makes us happy, like swimming and sports.
    We try to have fun and help other people have fun.
    We never say never.
    We try to make each other laugh by saying and doing silly things.
    We compliment each other.
    We look people in the eyes when they’re talking.
    We are always honest and keep our promises.
    We try to make everyday like a dance party.
    We greet each other with a smile.
    We always stay positive no matter what.

    How will you celebrate YESvember?

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