November 6

Trick or Treat! It’s Halloween

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Halloween Vintage 05“. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

I bet when you start thinking about Halloween you think CANDY or what should I be should I be a superhero. That is all okay but what is really behind that? That is why I am here today and ready to teach you what it is really all about.

First of all Halloween is short for hallows eve so Halloween is a synonym to hallows eve.  Anoka Minnesota people were the first people to celebrate Halloween. Around 2,000 years ago the Celtics had new years on November 1. They thought that the day before Halloween (October 31 which is when Halloween always takes place) was a when the living and the dead could meet again. This was also a special holiday to honor saints and all the other people who died that are in their religion. People believed that the dead might cause problems or hurt them. That is when they decided to dress up in ghost costumes and try to scare the dead that they thought would haunt them. They thought that if they thought they were dead they would not harm them. This was all in Europe. Wait how did Halloween get to America then? Halloween got to America because of migrating Europeans. Halloween changed a little. Since pumpkins are common at this time of year they carved them and used them as lanterns which people call jack-o-lanterns. Now children dress up and instead of scaring spirits they go door to door and ask for a yummy treat if they have no treats they might be in for a little trick. Now it is a saying.(trick-or-treat) So now you know what Halloween is really about. Next time in class on a Halloween party or if you are with friends tell them about Halloween. There is a lot of cool facts about Halloween. This is just something to think about when you say, “Trick or Treat”.

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      Thanks for commenting on Maya’s Halloween post. What’s your favorite thing about Halloween. Does your class also blog? Perhaps, we can visit your blog too.

      Mrs. McKelvey

  1. Jenevieve S

    Hi Maya, this is a very interesting post. You did a great job organizing and explaining your information.

    – Jenevieve

  2. Maya

    Dear readers that read my blog post,
    Hello everyone. Thank you so much for the positive comments you wrote on my blog post ,Trick-or-Treat! It’s Halloween!. I appreciated it very much. Please comment more and tell me what else you would like me to post about.


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